YOU want a Manager.

CJG INNOVATIVE has a Management Division…

…are YOU ready for Management?

Managers do not build a music career or a business, they manage one. 

Many artists and musicians assume that they need a manager to help them build their music career; this is a common misconception.

Some believe that a manager will listen to their music, recognize the talent and potential, and jump at the opportunity to represent them and handle their career “on a commission basis”; in other words, for FREE (since they don’t have a business that generates enough profit to pay a commission!).

Or, that a manager will offer to build the artist’s music career from the ground up – to the point that it is profitable – without making much, if any income along the way.

• Do you know how long that can take?
• Do you know how much work goes into it?
• Do you know how much “legitimate” expense your manager could incur during this period?
• Can you repay those business expenses, since you are the owner of the business?

Building up someone’s business to the point where it is profitable enough to generate a reasonable commission can involve a tremendous amount of work and time.

Experienced Music Managers usually choose to work with artists that already have a lot going on…i.e., a “Business”! I know, seems like a “Catch 22”…you need a business to get a manager, but how do you get a business without one? Read on…

Here are some things YOU can do to move your music career forward; BEFORE you seek “full-blown” management:

  • Record high quality and professional music
  • Set up, maintain, and draw traffic to your social media and online videos.
  • Book and play your own shows.
  • Build a fan base and engage them.
  • Create a brand.
  • Market your music through various outlets like social media, press, PR, and publicity.
  • Develop relationships with other bands and artists.
  • Get radio play, including internet radio, and online streaming/subscription sites.
  • Create a street team.
  • Distribute and release your music. You do NOT need a Major record label to distribute your music. You can, and should be doing it on your own. Serious labels are not likely to sign artists that have not released music on their own and shown some profit from it.
  • Look for new ways to generate revenue and increase brand equity (licensing, endorsements, non-profit organization affiliation, ringtones, joint ventures, etc.).

You should develop your career in these areas prior to seeking management, but you don’t have to do it alone. We can work with you; that’s what our Pre-Management Division is all about.

CJG INNOVATIVE PRE-MANAGEMENT — We offer a unique, fee-based Pre-Management service that is individually tailored to each artist’s struggles and goals. We work with artists, helping them prepare for full management; we help them generate revenue from their music; and we help them get their music and their business to a level where labels and agents may be interested in working with them.

Since the economics of the music industry have shifted – due to the advent of technology, online distribution, and lack of album sales — labels, managers, and agents are not in the career development business anymore. They don’t take on artists who aren’t already making money; it’s too risky.

The role of an artist today is not only limited to creating great music; it includes wearing a business hat, becoming an entrepreneur. Not only understanding how the Music Business works, but most importantly having a practical knowledge of it. In today’s music business, various companies — some similar to CJG INNOVATIVE — offer services that facilitate development in areas that many artists struggle with; areas that used to fall under the umbrella of “Artist Development” at record labels and management companies.

By seeking out professional and experienced guidance, you’ll have a better shot at standing out and creating a viable business in today’s ultra-competitive music industry.

Treat your music career like you would treat any other business: find and hire the best, most experienced people possible for the areas where you need the most help, guidance, and expertise. For example, this could include a great producer or mixer for your music…or, an effective branding specialist to help you dial-in your brand and reach desired demographics.

Still think you’re ready for Management?

Here’s what we’re interested in:

  • What is your business? Do you play several/many paying shows each month? To be considered for management, your Business must be in place. This includes a solid and engaged fan base, consistent paying gigs, and a real demand for your music.
  • Are you making money? Here’s a dose of reality: if you’re not clearing a minimum of $4000 — $5000 a month after expenses, then you’re probably not at a level to attract top-level management. In today’s music industry, qualified and experienced music managers will require app. 15-20% commission, plus a minimum monthly retainer ($1000 – 2000, or more).
  • Do you sell-out shows? Do you struggle to book gigs and and get people in the door? Managers do NOT book shows. In fact, in some states — including the state of California — it is illegal for a Manager to book shows/gigs. You need a talent or booking agent to do that.
  • Are you on numerous social media sites? A stellar EPK, and a strong presence on relevant social media sites is required; recent, ongoing, consistent and engaging activity with your fans is essential.
  • Do you have recorded music? A manager is NOT a producer. Yes, they might require you to re-record your music with a new production team. You not only need a business for them to manage; a strong product is required to have a successful business (a YouTube video of you singing a song acapella is likely not enough).
  • Do you have a budget to work with? Marketing teams, branding specialists, street teams, etc. Pro-level managers do not typically perform these duties; they hire and manage people who specialize in these areas. Your budget should also include money to cover monthly expenses that your manager may incur (including travel, lodging, business meals).

Food For Thought:

Colonel Tom Parker managed Elvis Presley for the majority of his career. By the time “The Colonel” – as he was widely known – began managing Elvis , “The King” had already generated quite a buzz by selling out numerous shows – attended by 1000’s of screaming teenage girls and women – and recording some of his most influential records.

Brian Epstein was hired to manage the Beatles after they became one of the biggest and most successful unsigned music acts in Europe. All those legendary shows at the Hamburg Club where the “lads” performed happened prior to them hiring their
legendary manager. Brian decided to manage them when there became a high demand for their records in the music store he owned.

Neither of these legendary music acts were “discovered” when they were virtual unknowns: they’d already worked hard on their own to build a presence and a viable business worth managing.

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  1. therese ellis

    We are a music duo playing out often, we are very good.
    We’d like you to review our links and come see us play live.
    Our next show is at Mile High Saloon on University blvd. Friday July 18 @10:20pm
    Then Kavasutra on Cofax on Friday July 25th @10pm
    Here are some links to go directly to our music….
    Youtube: http://goo.gl/1Xi9cr
    Telephone: 720.552.4827

    1. scott

      Hi Therese, Thanks for being in touch. We need a little more info to proceed. I’m e-mailing that to you now, feel free to be in touch as indicated. ~ SS

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      Thanks for being in touch, Steven. There are links on the “Contact page”…the information will give you a general idea of what we offer. Have you viewed the video and read the information? Feel free to submit what we ask for – as clearly stated at the bottom of the “Welcome” page – and we’ll be happy to respond at that time to any questions that you may have, as well as information regarding our fees for services. A complete submission is required before a phone call will be considered/scheduled. All the Best!

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