“What exactly do you do? What do you know that I don’t”?

Scott here.  http://scottsawyer.net/?page_id=14

  • I’ve been a full-time working musician for 30+ years. My latest album “Dreamers” was recently released, and I continue to perform frequently as a sideman, and with my own projects.
  • I’m an adjunct teaching instructor at East Carolina University (Applied Jazz Guitar; Jazz Chamber), the Lecturer of Jazz Guitar at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and a group instructor at the Durham Jazz Workshop. I work with a number of private students in my home studio.
  • As time allows, I produce music…Jason Richmond and I were honored recently when Bruce Piephoff’s new album “Soft Soap Purrings” was featured on Gavin Lurssen’s website (Indie Resources – Artist of the Week); Gavin’s credits are here, take a peek http://lurssenmastering.com/mastering-credits.
  • I consult with and screen part-time for CJG Innovative.

We recently received an e-mail from a prospective client:

  • He wanted to know “exactly” what CJG would do for him.
  • Yet, he provided zero information: no name, band name, bio, links to website, social media, online mp3s, personal or business e-mail address. NOTHING.

My e-mailed response was pretty detailed and included this:

  • “All kidding aside…why would you believe anything we tell you, given that we have no idea who you are/what you do/what your goals are?”
  • “On the other hand, there is plenty of information at cjginnovative.com on what the company does, and all of us who are currently involved.”

About an hour later, my phone rang. It was “the prospect”. I wasn’t expecting his call, but decided to speak with him for a few minutes. I followed up with Ghezzi, and she provided me with this summary:

This is what we do.

  • Help artists setup and learn to use social media correctly. Each platform is driven differently and requires a strategic targeted approach. We provide insight and training for all important media and music sites.
  • If an artist cannot or does not want to manage their Social Media themselves, we can do it or them for an additional fee. *That said, we don’t recommend that an artist ignore their social media. These are YOUR fans and THEY are the ones who have the power to get you EVERYTHING that you want/need in your music career. The labels don’t have “the power” anymore; the fans do.
  • We are branding experts. Without a powerful authentic brand, your fans cannot connect to you or your music. Branding is grossly misunderstood and isn’t some random image that an artist creates. It is the core of your being, your mission statement. It is who you are as an artist and a person that we help you to develop, to make you stand out in the Industry. Without a powerful brand, you won’t go far.
  • Crowd Funding: We teach artists how to leverage their fan base in order to have their fans pay for their recordings, videos, tours, etc. We are experts at helping artists set up crowd funding campaigns – once they have a solid and engaged fan base – and get them successfully funded.
  • Booking: We help artists learn how to approach agents and get attention in the Industry, to get more and better bookings. Show sharing is a big step and is often overlooked by many musicians. You need a strong EPK, a professional bio and website, and great written/verbal communication skills in order to get an agent to notice you.
  • A&R: Our COO of A&R is an expert at deconstructing/constructing songs; to help musicians create the strongest possible singles to make available for sale, download, licensing, radio play and to gain the attention of promoters and agents.
  • Licensing: Once an artist has built a solid fan base, we teach them how to build relationships in the Industry to get their music placed in TV and Film. When we feel that they are ready, we leverage our connections to help with those placements. Important: The worst thing we could do – which could be harmful to an artists’ career – is to take them to a Licensing Company, Promoter, Entertainment Attorney or Label BEFORE their music and business is ready. You get one shot to impress: don’t “blow it” before everything is in place.
  • Other areas where we can help artists include working with NPO’s, getting endorsement deals, building an audience for online streaming shows, promotion, marketing…it’s endless.

We help musicians/artists build their careers. When they’re ready, we take them on for full blown management.


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4 thoughts on ““What exactly do you do? What do you know that I don’t”?

  1. Loumashia Woods

    I am wanting more information on management. I have a very talented daughter whom is almost 18yrs old. I have tried several times and failed to get information on getting her a talent agent or manager for her career. she is a very talented writer singer and rapper.
    I am asking for any information you can provide me that will not break my….already broken bank account.
    Thanks in Advance,
    my daughters name is Jai-D (Jessi D)
    my contact phone number is 817-696-6045
    once again thank you for your time.

    1. admin

      Thank You for being in touch, Loumashia. A senior staffer will e-mail you more information very soon.

  2. Davon Brown

    I am a hot writing producer who has produced for artist such as Young Joc,T-Pain,Frenchie,

    Ive been on Mtv,Vh1,WorldStarHiphop,Hot97,power 105,89.7 fm,vladtv

    I would like more info

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