CJG Innovative offers an assortment of “one-off” services.

 A&R Song Critique Session with Industry A&R Veteran

Do you ever wonder what someone from a major label would think about your music if they had an opportunity to hear it? Is it good enough? Is it radio ready? If not, what should be changed? Ever wanted to have someone with trained and professional ears listen to your music and give you feedback?

In addition to sharing your music with friends, fans and an inexperienced “team” in your inner circle, we offer you a genuine opportunity to submit your songs and have them reviewed by people who’ve worked at major record labels, with years of experienced in the A&R department. They’ll thoroughly review your songs and give you honest and constructive feedback.

How it works: Once you submit a song, our Head of A&R will review it in detail, and schedule a phone call with you to discuss your songs. On the call, he will give you feedback from the perspective of a major label today. He’ll tell you what they would say, good and bad. If needed, he’ll then give you detailed pointers on how to make the song better. His input includes critiquing your lyrics, as well as detailed production and arrangement notes.

Social Media Setup, Maintenance & Training

Whether you like it or not, Social Media is here to stay. It’s essential that musicians and recording artists use social media to further their career. It’s an important part of being an artist in today’s new music industry. It’s as essential as having guitar strings on your guitar. Social Media is vital to building and engaging a fan base, promoting and marketing you/your music.

Don’t understand how Twitter works, or how to use it to build and engage fans? Your Facebook likes are stagnant or just not high enough? No one is watching or commenting on your YouTube videos?  Don’t understand ReverbNation, and other websites that are specifically designed for musicians?

We offer personal one-on-one training on all the important and useful social media platforms that are essential and effective in building and maintaining a music career today. Or, we can build and manage it for or with you.


We can build you an affordable WordPress website, and teach you how to manage your content. We can help you with purchasing a Domain name, and setting up hosting.

Crowd-Funding Campaigns

Raise money to fund your next recording, make a music video, pay for promotion, or to offset tour/travel expenses. Perhaps you need a new van for your next tour…the possibilities are endless. Kickstarter, indiegogo and GoFundMe are just 3 of the various crowd-funding platforms that exist today. Many indie artists and entrepreneurs are successfully funding projects by utilizing crowd-funding,

Build your fanbase, engage them, and they will want to invest and be involved. We know it, we’ve done it.

Professional Mixing & Mastering

Having a successful, profitable, and rewarding career in the music industry requires you have to have professional sounding music. The sonic quality has to be top notch. In addition to writing great songs and professionally recording them, it’s essential to have your music professionally mixed and mastered. With the advent in technology, almost anyone can record and release music.

But not everyone can make it sound great. With the advances in technology, many assume that they can record, mix, and master their music at the highest quality, but this is often not the case. Demos are fine for getting started and building a fanbase, but at some point, you must release the best sounding product.

Mixing and mastering music is an art form. There is no better way to destroy all the hard work you put into writing and recording your music, than by mixing and/or mastering it poorly.

Mixing and mastering for you, with top engineers at an affordable price. Major label quality mixing and mastering! There is no better way to have your music shine and come alive, than to have some of the best engineers in the industry mix and master your music. If you’re intent on getting radio play, you’ll need a mastering engineer who knows how to properly master your recording for radio.

Music Videos

Have a song you want to make a video for? Need help with the concept? Putting together a crew? Getting it filmed and edited?

We can help you conceptualize, write the treatment, budget your production, film, and edit a professional music video. We have access to video directors in the industry who can work with you on creating an engaging and exciting music video that will make your songs come to life. We can manage the project, get you an affordable rate, and work with you to make the best video possible within your dedicated budget.

Style and Image

Are you having trouble looking and feeling your best? Do you often wonder what to wear for shows, photo shoots, and meetings? Whether we like it or not, the music industry is extremely superficial and the 1st impression you make with everyonefrom fans to industry professionals counts. Sometimes the most talented artists don’t go very far, because they lack an eye for fashion and style. An outdated or unrefined look can be a career killer. Looking your best is essential in today’s music industry.

Having a great song is extremely important. But so is “the package”, the image that you present. We can work with you on developing a style and image that is fluid with your branding and the message that you want to convey. We have style and image specialist who have worked with some of the biggest and most respected names in fashion. We can tell you what to wear, what to buy, how to wear it, and even teach you how to develop your eye, so you can be always at the forefront of style. We can help you find the best places in your city or online to purchase all the clothing and accessories you want.

Are you struggling to get into shape, lose weight, or put on some lean muscle mass? Our team has a background in fitness and weight loss. We can put together a tailored and personalized workout or diet plan to help you achieve your fitness and physical goals.

It’s not only about wearing the most up-to-date trends in fashion…the key is to look great, standout, and be original. Let us help you do that.

Executive Producing and Budgeting

Not many musicians and artists choose to play music and become recording artists because they love “the business” and can’t wait to crunch the numbers for the budgeting of recordings and other career aspects including touring, promotion, etc.

Does handling the business side of your music career drive you nuts? Does it strip away your creativity and the joy of being an artist? Let us help you budget the recording of your music. Booking studio time, finding a producer suitable for your project, hiring musicians, mixing, mastering, meals, transportation, lodging…it’s a lot to deal with. We can handle the business, and free you up to focus on your music and performances.

Going on tour? Don’t know how to budget your finances for the duration of the tour? How much to spend on food, lodging, gas, etc.? We can help.


It’s no secret that artists need to think of new and creative ways to generate revenue from their music in today’s ever-changing music economy. Relying on music sales is no longer the best way to generate a stable and reliable flow of income. There are new and exciting ways to create revenue flow, including licensing your music for television shows, film, webisodes, and commercials. Licensing has become a popular and effective way for recording artists to generate income in today’s new music business. Even major labels look to licensing songs in their back catalogs and front line releases, to recoup losses from decreased album sales and piracy.

A major advantage you have as an independent artist over a major label artist is that your songs are more affordable to license.  Not only is licensing a great way to make income; it’s also a fantastic way to create a buzz and get your music heard, while building brand equity.

Let CJG Innovative assist you in licensing your songs. We’re able to present your music to some of the most powerful music supervisors in the entertainment industry, and we can help you shore up your fan-base and game. Building up your social media presence, creating a bigger and more active fan base, and buzz are some are often overlooked….if you are an unknown artist, with no social media presence, and no demand for your music, why would someone want to use your songs in a film, television show, or commercial?

Guitar and Vocal Lessons

Whether you’re a seasoned professional with years of singing and playing under your belt, or a newbie wishing to enhance their vocal or guitar chops, getting vocal or guitar lessons should be a priority to nurture your talent. If you take your craft seriously, then treat it like that! Professional athletes continually train and work out, learning new techniques to better their bodies and skills in their sport. So why shouldn’t you continually sharpen and strengthen your skills? Many musicians give up formal vocal and instrument training after a period of time. Those artists usually hit a ceiling and their careers taper off. Not continually learning and deepening your understanding of your instrument or your voice is being irresponsible with your talent. That’s like a fighter quitting training after he becomes a professional fighter. Doesn’t make sense, right?

How it works: We setup a Skype lesson where you interact one-on-one with one of our guitar or vocal experts. Our guitar and vocal experts have 40+ years of experience as working musicians, with countless album credits. They’ll teach you everything from basic scales to organizing an effective practice routine; to helping you arrange background vocals or specific guitar arrangements for your albums. Personalized sessions are up to 40 minutes in length, and cater directly to your style of music, strengths and weaknesses.