Nikki GavsNikki Gavs has been drawn to music her whole life. She developed the desire at a very young age and has been working her way towards learning the process of the music business. She is eager to thrive and get her hands on the next best challenge in the industry.

Born and raised in Illinois, she worked in Chicago radio for almost a decade before realizing her passion for business. After graduating with her Bachelors in Business Management, Nikki started working for Gremlen Recording Studios based in Aurora, IL to help young artists learn the music business and develop a working music business career.

In March of 2012, Nikki found herself more focused on the business side, and has taken on several artists under management to further their careers in music. While currently managing several local artists, her career continues to grow with the help from music business gurus from CJG Innovative ( to develop her knowledge, skills, and status in the music industry.

“Once I started working with Ghezzi, I began building the skills and motivation to make my goals into high priorities. Not only have I learned balance and direction, but I have learned confidence and the meaning of professionalism in the music industry. Working with CJG Innovative has changed my life!”