You’re an artist…a musician…an entrepreneur.

You’re serious about your career, and have been working hard, trying to make it happen. But you’ve struggled for far too long, and are not sure what to do next, or how to set attainable plans and work effectively.

Our Mission is to help Indie and Emerging Artists & Musicians make a living off their art & music.

We’re a group of experienced industry professionals, with over 60 years of collective experience in the music business. We specialize in helping Indie and Emerging Artist learn the business, build a fan base, get their music heard, and make a living from their music.

There are 3 divisions:

  1. Pre-Management – Not ready for a Manager? We’ll help you get there.
  2. Full-Management – Hands-on Career Management for your successful Music Business.
  3. One-Off” Music Business & Management Support services – Not ready for Management, or working with a limited budget? We can help you with specific a la carte services to help you move your music business forward.

People all over the world have dreams of making it in the music industry. Dreams of becoming a rock star, a rapper, a working musician, having their own band, or becoming a working songwriter.

Some watch shows like American Idol, The Voice, and X Factor. They dream of being “discovered”, and becoming an “overnight sensation”. But those are TV shows; the music industry does NOT function like a television show.

Others understand Music Biz reality, and are building legitimate careers on their own. Some achieve success working with organizations that offer services to “emerging artists”.

Today’s Music Industry is ultra-competitive, but the rules are changing and the traditional industry that ruled for so many years is dead.

  • There are fewer blockbuster albums.
  • Selling millions of records is a rarity.
  • Recording studio business has declined, due to the advent of technology and home recording facilities.
  • Labels, managers, agents, and A&R are not out there looking to discover new talent in the way that many artists think of it as.

With the ease of technology and advancements in personal recording, digital downloading, and the continued rate of music piracy; labels and managers just don’t have the budgets anymore to take a blind risk on an unknown artist. They are looking for artists who are already somewhat established and have a dedicated fan base. They are looking for artists who are less of a risk. They are looking for artists who have a proven track record of being able to generate revenue, sell tickets to shows, and accrue views and plays online. They are looking for artists who have created a demand for their music.

Creating demand and turning it into consistent revenue can be a challenge. The market has changed, opening the doors for 100’s of companies that offer services to assist artists in building sustainable careers in the music industry. Unfortunately, some of these companies are predatory in nature, and offer “empty promises”. Some disguise themselves as a “record label”, offering you “a deal”; others promise to “shop your music” to executives and A&R at major record labels. Many artists take risks and invest countless dollars into opportunities like this, thinking that this is their “one shot at making it”. But “making it” in the music industry is not just about meeting and getting your music heard by big name execs. Fact is, that’s a small part of it, and comes later.

Making it” today is about investing in yourself, learning the business, and becoming an entrepreneur.